Frames-Direct Produces Frames in the USA
We offer direct pricing to our clients saving you $$
Frames-Direct is located in the heart of Illinois. FOR OVER 40 YEARS WE HAVE OVERCOME FRAMING CHALLENGES AND FILLED CUSTOM ORDERS. WHERE WE’RE from, we believe in quality over quantity. That’s why our customers call us... THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN FRAMING.

About Us

Frames-Direct is a small picture frame manufacturing business located in rural Illinois. We are part of a privately owned small business that began over 30 years ago to create frames for volume users across the picture frame industry. Over the years, we’ve created frames for some very prominent customers, and we’ve assisted in putting together components of large-volume frame projects. Many of our frames are hanging in homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Take advantage of our large volume purchasing and our supply of materials that remain after the large production runs are over. Our prices are factory direct!!

If you’re thinking about a custom order, we can run as few as 10-25 frames of any size.

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Frames-Direct proudly offers products in the following categories: